Unhappy with the preview images, so.......

I decided to make my own!
Check this out or this

Not too hard to do, in a few simple steps.

1: Take a copy of your original sized image. Crop it, or just certain parts of it like I have, and place it together to make a new image. Add the name if you like.. or not.

2: Save it (mine is saved to 300w x 450h pixels), upload it to a free image host, or your own website. I used photobucket. Probably best not to make it too wide or it might break the page layout.

3: Where you write the text description for your image, place this code instead:
(the exclaimation mark is what places the image. It’s not html code, it’s RedBubble code. You could also place it with text, above, or below)

Hey presto. You now have a bigger preview, or just the parts you want to show.
Like this:

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