Spirit Trails

Rising high above the world so that there was no where to look but down. The world spins. But the world spins backward.
Falling. Falling faster and faster and then the woman floated in the air. In the air in a scene that she knew did not exist in her time. She looked down and saw that she was dressed in a white robe of the old priestess’. Gold and silver trimming on the sides, feet bare and hair unbound. Around her was only nature, animals forests, creatures of all sorts. Everything that someone would dream that a world should be. A shadow passed overhead. A giant wings creature, scaled and breathing fire. A dragon? IT swooped down and picked her up harmlessly in its claws, dumping her in a new scene.

Still with the white robes, but a sash this time, leather sandals and hair pushed into a rough bun. An temples everywhere. White marble. The world was made of white marble. Streets, temples, and warring between the gods. Red. Ares. Gold Athena. And technology far more advanced and far safer then that of now
Change. Hair braided roughly, chain mail, heavy boots and axes and broadswords. War, everywhere, the world half sunk into the waters of the ocean, warning between boats, that held all human life for fishing ground.
Was this the future?
Change. Hair loose, red and blue feathers tied with threadbare cloth, war paint, celebration, wild horses, forests. Chanting. Red Indians?
This was a curse, they were, the humans, how could they go so far astray.

Pale golden robes, bare footed again, nature, praying, advice givers and people always seeking council. Tibet? Surely not.
Something pulled her out hard. Dragging her away, but she had to see more, she had to know.
Dry world and desert sands taken over. No forests, no water and bones and scavengers everywhere. Cat swarming in packs, guarding and protecting and hunting. And watching. Watching her. A man in the distance, gold fabrics and a fake goatee.
Change. Rome? Rags and messy hair. And below. Coliseums, hundreds of them. And temples. All red with blood. Human sacrifices. And waring everywhere. She could feel their pain. Their pain everywhere.
Change. Loose cloths, like sailors cloth, but everywhere misery and suffering. Dragon head guardian statues lying in the mud. Mass graves for the starved, some thrown in while still alive. This was not right. It was not meant to be like this.
Something pulled at her again and she surrender. She could not bare to see any more. No more. She flew, eyes closed, but at the other side they were forced open again. She had to see.

Change. Germany? Surly not. Oh no. Camps, millions of them being steered into massive camps, scared or brainwashed. Obedient to a fault, dead physically or dead mentally. There was no chance. No money, nothing. Blood was everything. Perfect or not. Arm bands for the genetically corrupt.
Changed. Empty flat plains, all farms, no trees. Suffocation. Not worth living any more. No air to breath. Ghouls. Not human, but not animal. But suicide results in worst for your family, or friends, not worth death either.

Change. Not on earth any more. But how. Ships, for a new world. For a new planet. Earth destroyed. Destruction on Kila already started. Why? No hope. They will realise. Was this the final fate? Couldn’t be. She wouldn’t let it.
Change. Last time. And behind her, millions and millions of souls, just standing there, in bare thread and emotionless expressions on their face. Looking at her. Waiting. And in front of her. She could see. One foot in a cavern wasteland. Not even the sands, skulls and death, cannibalism, and murder. Covered in rags and desperately clutching them to make them cover. Fighting over rocks. Nothing was worth this, pride or greed, neither were worth this world.
But one foot….. ah….. one foot in a …. Utopia. Lush forests, animals and humans hunting alike. No weapons bar hands, no clothes, no technology, no cities. Natural. Instinctual. Right.
Which way. Is it worth saving them all?
Worth rescuing them, humans, the true demons of the earth?
Or is there still some hope?

She returns to the room. The disgusting place that is wrong in its perfectness. How could she have liked this. They all looked at her. Waiting. One stepped forwards.
“What do we do? How do we save us all?”
She looked at him sadly, “Become animals. For they are more humane then any of us.” And with that she stood and walked out, leaving them confused and baffled. She would not choose. They would have to. Soon.

Spirit Trails

Aryanna Aetha

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Artist's Description

A draft written for my English SAC. A piece that I had been planning for along over a week now and that I have spent a long time refining. Originally I was going to write it just as a short story but when the Future Worlds SAC was announced I decided that this would fit in well with that.
Personally I hate written explanations, but as it apart of the SAC I decided that I would also post it below. Read on if you want but PLEASE read the story first.

With this piece I tried to show that just as the future is designed by the present, the present was shaped by the past. The past made the present which will soon become the past and it is a constant cycle. The idea was to give the reader and idea of how the future would look if each culture had had a chance to fully expand. If the Greeks prevailed the world would be white marble…. Etc.
Originally I was going to write it in first person to connect the reader to the character but then I changed to third person, so that there was a certain form of detachment. This along with the namelessness of the characters gives the reader a sense that it could be anyone taking this journey, anyone making these decisions at any time.
The purpose of the word ‘Change’ in the story was to give the reader a sense that everything is constantly changing, that we cannot stop it but we can influence it. And also it makes the reader feel like nothing is set in stone as it is and that things are just getting worse not better.
Mentioning the arm bands in the section about Germany was a deliberate reference to Gattaca, to show that they genetically corrupt would become as bad in the eyes of the world as the Jews were to Hitler.
There was also a reference to being on another world, placed in there so that the reader would see that it is not just on this world that it would happen on. That it could happen again.
The lack on a ‘proper ending’ was also a decision that I made early on because I wanted to tell the reader that there is no Right and Wrong way to do things, there is just what you need to do at that moment.

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