How is to be an artist... Huh...:) Good question!:)

Someone, someday, asked me… “How is to be an artist… "

The short answer was… For me, being an artist is… Normal… Is just being.

Being me. Like being woman, being tall, “just” BEING. A kind of natural condition or natural state. Not a simple one, not for me:)

It took me many years to accept this fact. I’ve learned and exercised many skills, I’ve unlearned a big part of them.. that I can learn new ones, etc.

Is an ongoing process.

Is DOING things in congruence with your own BEING and to find ways to express yourself and the things you care about.

Is to find who you really are, and to do things in spite your own fears, hesitations and uncertainties.

So… being an artist is finding the way to be who you are, do what you are talented/skilled to do, discovering, developing, updating, touching, influencing, changing (and a lot more…) and somehow managing the money thing in-between… Is a very consuming state, sometimes very rewarding, sometimes very frustrating. Is a price to be paid and only the committed ones can stand in this situation. I’m not a committed one (and for this, is a price to pay, too…)

(…and a small forgotten detail: an artist have to eat sometimes, means need the prosaic money… for continuing all that being/doing thing… and this is the place where most of us are falling)

How is to be an artist… for you? (or what is your definition of an artist?)

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