Arvind Rau

Joined September 2007

Nothing great to rave about myself.I am just a dreamer and will keep on dreaming but just a humble request look at the designs through...

Tees for all and beautiful out of box arts for your home.

I have completed my 100 designs and there is something for everyone, whether old or young, funky or rocking, the serious to college goers and not to forget the kids too. Everyone has something to enjoy! Also imagine a 100 tees for 100 days, of course all may and will not be bought and as far as I remember that hasn’t happened so far too.There are designer tees which can be worn alone or with jackets, suits or simply shirts as style statements and I assure you that you wear one and everybody will say, “Hey! where did you bring from, i want one too.” There is a tee with stud design for horse lovers. There are arts of sunsets, orchards, mystiques like “Udbhava, the rising” and lot lot more.

I have also kept a calender ready for the coming New Year and has some brilliant designs, sceneries etc. which may be kept even after the year is over. Wander into space or just have a look at the sceneries. Everything in front of you and all these are mixture of photographs, graphics and art combined woven beautifully into art. It is simply the work of the minds as an adage goes" True art is the work of the divine"
Sit back and enjoy the experience of art, art on tees and relish the experience.

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