So I have to upload the new work I just got out of the Kiln today, but before I do I have to mention that I’m a bit upset at the outcome, not quite what I was going for and the kiln goddesses obviously had PMS!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz it was a bit overfired (well, a lot overfired) it went to a very hard ^6 but thankfully not a ^7, so yes the colors are brighter but there was a bit of a sink in on one of them, not that youd be able to see it but I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as well as the Underglaze BUBBLED on a few of the pieces, which in this case isn’t a bad thing and I could put forward that it was part of the plan and only I would know the truth.

SOOOO lessons learned and will note my mistakes and move forward, I also should have glazed the insides but guess what? I didn’t. so dried flowers only……..

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