Just Joined Knick Knacks

A new passion has blossomed. Actually, two. They stem from my love for Macro photography.

The photography of food, after seeing the possibility of a macro from some toast I prepared for myself (well, maybe not “prepare”,,,there’s not much to that :). But I find the possibilities limited here.

And the photography of knick knacks. After running into this group on RB, i’m excited.

I have quite a few from going to family gatherings and always acquiring the favor that is passed out after showers, weddings, christenings, etc. I may even go to my local dollar store for more finds. I can handle a dollar (smile).
Oh, what we do for the sheer adrenalin of getting that near perfect capture!

Both are great for macros.

I’ll never quit “flowers”—foremost passion, bit these also fill the void when there’s a lull on availability of them.

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