Not usually political in my nature

I usually do not talk politics…..but when things get out of hand…way out of hand I start to get lippy……..yeah LIPPY……when the Iraq war was started by the coward and terrorist Bush….I posted to several forms my thoughts and funny things started to happen ….all of a sudden my phone mad funny noises and I was getting calls from all sorts of Govt. agencies wanting me to answer polls and such….I have signed petitions to IMPEACH him from the start………
He even admitted to thefact on public Television that he talks to and gets answers directly from His God and also that his attack was a revenge for Saddam having threatened to Kidnap the elder Prez. Bush……this whole Iraqi act of terrorism has nothing to do with Osama and his group of Taliban…….but that was leading up to the current problem……….
One of our greatest Presidents was the GREAT BULLY man ….. Teddy Roosevelt…..a man that sarah palin would cause to be doing summersaults in his grave…..
Teddy was an avid hunter. He killed many species across this GREAT PLANET of ours……..BUUUUUUUT not only was Teddy a hunter he was also a consevationist, he started programs to try and conserve our natural resources……and the wiold animal is on the losing end with MADDOG PALIN……..
Fred Bear another great hunter I am sure is also rolling over having fits in his grave, as he also hunted all across this great planet and while many a trophy hangs that was taken by the master of the Bow and Arrow…..he too was a conservationist, reminding us always that if you do not take care of the wild it will not be there to take care of you in the future…..

sarah palin doenot give a damn about the future of our natural resources and that is proven by the a TOTAL LACK OF CAREING TOWRDS ALASKA’S WOLVES…….

A true hunter and conservationist (such as the various American Indian, and Eskimo tribes were) only kills what is needed to feed his/her family or tribe…..animals were not killed and just left laying to rot and possibly cause disease to other animals in the future or to pollute the nearby streams.

Actually the NRA should be shunning this woman big time …….. I believe we should all have the right to own guns….but as she is a confessed murderer, even if it is of wolves, it is actually a BIG DARK BLACK EYE for their cause…..

Infact, sarah palin should be IMPEACHED from the office of Governor of Alaska and her hunting privileges revoked for the rest of her life…….

Are you wondering why I feel this way………
Do I hunt? Absolutely, squirrels, pheasant, quail, turkey rabbits,& Whitetailed and Mule Deer, with Smokeless rifle, .50 Cal. blk. powder and bow and arrow……I how ever do not hunt the animals on the Kansas list of legal to kill and let lay list, ie coyotes, bobcat, prairie dog etc etc etc…….now I also have a cookbook from the North American Hunting Club that has tried and tested recipes for moat all wild animal out there……………….I do condone the thinning down (but not the wanton waste caused by just gunning down of animals such as the ALASKA WOLF) of a species if it is endangering local communities and farmers…..but from the reports, palin authorized and joined in the slaughter of wolves from the air for no real reason other than BLOOD SPORT………
Prior to a hunt I gave thanks to MOTHER EARTH for the bounty I was going after and promised to not waste it…..and after the hunt ended for that day….I again gave thanks to Mother earth and the great creator for all that had been created for use to wisely use.

Teddy Roosevelt & Fred Bear are just two of the great hunters that I think would have a hard time endorsing sarah palin just because of her allowing the slaughter of any group of animals……the Polar Bear is nearing extinction. Has she done anything to help them…….NO!!!!

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