16.12.10 - Features Update


Orchid Flowers of the Bauhinia Purpurea Tree was featured in The Beauty of Nature: (Nothing Man-Made)

And in the prior past one to three months (since my last feature update 9.9.10):

Mantra I’s was featured in The BEST of Anything and Everything (4.12.2010)

Intimate Glimpses, Journey of Life was featured in Collage with Traditional Mediums

Visible Traces was featured in Collage with Traditional Mediums

Spirit Matter Cosmos (section detail) was featured in Creative Spirits of Queensland

Phase / Impressions was featured in:

  • Printmaking and
  • Visual Texture

The X Factor, Alchemy of Consciousness was featured in Painters In Modern Times

Tango was featured in the First Things Group

Mantra I’s was featured in:

  • COLLAGE with Traditional Mediums (29.09.2010) and
  • !Inspired Art! Group

Palm Contractions was featured in Post Card Style

Elevating the Spirit – Finding Heart was featured in the !Inspired Art! Group

If you’ve scrolled down this far … thanks for visiting and taking the time to look!

A special thanks to all the wonderful RB Group Hosts who dedicate their free time to feature our work and keep the communication links open/going for all in the RB artist community.

All the best for a happy, blessed and peaceful Christmas everyone.

Yours in creativity and spirit
Kerryn M-P

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