Let me share my recent thoughts with you…

Some say ‘life imitates art’ or ‘art imitates life’.

What if life IS a work of art?

What will it take for any one being to appreciate their existence?

How do we appreciate ourselves?


Lets take a look at the current situation. We live in a world which produces much toxins-pollutions-degrading ALL life on EARTH, create for ourselves much affluent things to own and hold dear the illusion of ownership, bow to people who we think will take care of us, complain when were not taken care of, constantly face increased costs and stresses of living, and we still say to ourselves “Oh well, it’s just how it is!”


I believe art in all forms was brought into this world so many centuries ago to subtly influence artists and peoples minds and emotions, in ways that will inspire us to live better, create better, appreciate and love who and what we are, and share this love and wisdom with others.

What other meaning could we give to this type of personal expression?

Now, I do ramble on, so please do grab a hot drink…

We don’t have to change our environment to show us ways in which we can better ourselves and increase our quality of life. We must look inside and see with clarity what exactly we hold dear to us, and how we can grow and enhance life by changing ourselves.

A lot of thinking today focuses on the quantity of things. Usually money.

We tend to buy products off the shelf not knowing where they really come from, how they will benefit us, and who exactly is gaining from it.

We tend to want more of something because we feel it gives us something special in life, something extra, something exciting. An injection of happiness? Yet the energy is short lived. And we feel deflated and disappointed rather quickly.

We don’t have to delve into spiritual literature to realize that all we want, is to be happy expressing ourselves to the highest possible vision we have, inspiring us to see what life can be, and what more we can experience next, to bring us even more happiness!
What a mouthfull! Does that make any sense?

So my friends, what are you doing to express yourself? How would you like to better yourself? What LOVE are you sharing that affects the world around you?

Why; you’ve come to redbubble to share your LOVE with the world!

And further yourself by expressing more LOVE via your ART.

I believe GOD, Science, and philosophy are within us, ready to burst out and show us what to do, where to go, and what this all means in the end.

ALL we have to do is listen to our hearts. Let loose, and appreciate what we have created.


I Love my art, and I love your art, and I am happy to share my LOVE, ART, and LIFE with you…



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