I remember you
I looked up, and there you were
I fell from the stars
The light was so bright
Falling backwards
Into your arms

You were so beautiful
I was blessed with a mother
With loving eyes
I didn’t want to leave the light
But your arms were warm
I knew I had made the right decision

Are there many hearts like yours?
I asked myself
For there must be, If I am to meet
My twin heart in this world
Yes, I resolved, she is here already

I knew you wanted a boy
A boy who would love you
No matter who you were, what you liked
Or what you disliked
This boy knew how to love

I know you knew
Your heart spoke the love
I needed, to grow
The light came through your eyes
I can be happy here with you

We talked with our hearts
I know we had been together before
I befriended you in a far off place
And you loved me for who I was
And you longed to have a child like me…

Here we are, my heavenly mother
Thank-you for your love
It was you I chose to come to
And I always knew it was safe
In your arms

I love you Maria.

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