A lot of my work has been sold across Victoria in various craft markets and galleries. It all began at the Queen Victoria Market around 1999. I personally crafted the picture frames, and purchased materials made locally, or supported local business. I moved on to better quality frames, moisture free backings, and longevity printing (over 100 years lifespan in non-direct sunlight). I have been in a Southbank gallery, and often in bourke street Melbourne (Amazing Galleries franchise). I was a regular at various craft markets in the recent years, including the famous Williamstown Craft Market, Craft Markets Victoria, and Southbank market. My Graphic Design work paid for my photography and printing, and all my equipment! Being a freelance artist, I have the most freedom, and I set my own goals and targets. I love nature work, and it’s application in abstract art. I once thought that it would be great to have a little reminder in every home, of the beauty and infiniteness of the natural elements.
My camera is the eye, my computer the tool, and my imagination the spirit of my creations. All of my work is “LIVING ART”, and the energy contained within each piece is uplifting to the spirit, healing, balancing, and inspiring.

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