Why Biker Art?

When First Joining “Red Bubble” – I found it a great source for show casing and selling art. It was a new a refreshing kind of site. I also found that the Admin was quite consistent in actually answering his Emails and helping out. This also was refreshing – after waiting for days for answers on other sites, that is -IF you even get an answer.

With that said I did look over a lot of the groups to see what that was about- and saw that there was not a niche out there for biker art- which is what I do for a living.

Hence, I began using other mediums of My art to upload first. It was then I thought that having a biker Group section might be something that would be of interest. Figuring of course, if I did biker art – surely there are others who do it as well. And though I believe that we are a small community of artists in this field, that is what makes it all the better. We have a love for not only the art but for the ride.

Thank You to those that have joined the group -so far I hope that it will become a great place to showcase your work.
-All the best

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