This Account is Sydney Artist Jane Holloway’s Foray into Using Artificial Intelligence to create a NEW form of Digital Art .

This is on the cutting edge of what Digital Art can be in the 21st Century.

Using Code from Googles “Deep Dream” Artworks are created by blending seamlessly 2 different artworks or photographs to create a brand new formation.

Jane has been using “Deep Dream” Since the code was released in 2015 and now has finally been able to present Artworks to the public that showcase exactly what is possible.

Initially when released everyone was playing with it and you can see the freaky versions that people produced all over the internet.

Jane however persevered after the fad was over to use it in a way that had not been seen during those frantic viral few weeks.

Presented here at Artistree is the culmination of her work.

Human and Artificial Intelligence working together to create Art.

If you are interested in having a piece created independently of Redbubble please contact Jane Holloway

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