Alright Who Laid The Egg???

You guessed it! My 8yr old Moluccan Cockatoo laid her first egg last night at 8:05 p.m.
Unfortunately we havent a male to fertilize it. But by all indications she has proved herself as being mature now and shows an eagerness to breed. Unlike my other birds who are older. Yes I also have 2 Blue & Gold Macaws 9 & 10 y.o., and a African Grey Congo who about 14+ y.o.
Its actually quite the event as she had been acting horribly lately, I had assumed she was just being a brat, as some of you know who own birds, and especially these they can sound like Haller Monkeys when they go on a rant! So I had been bringing her into the house daily for the last 2 weeks, as normally they live in the garage, and if loud enough can cause neighbors to get upset. So she’d sit in the upstairs extra bedroom caged and stare out the window, then around 5pm she’d have another screaming fit so she’d go into a separate closet of darkness so she would take a nap and be quiet, then 11 pm go back out to her cage in the garage for the night. No, Im not cruel, but i do know how to shut them up after 11 yrs experience!
Now first i thought she was just demanding attention, then it crossed my mind uh oh maybe she has a egg binding situation (laymans terms: an egg that gets stuck in the oviduct, and requires ugent medical attention.) So i figured okay well when she’s in the closet situation i laid blankets over the large pet carrier to increase the warmth/humidity level (helps with binding), she seemed to like it and stopped yelling right away, i figured whatever floats her boat. What i had been noticing for the last week daily, is that all the newspaper inside was all shredded into millions of pieces, and id change it everyday! Figured she was just bore and figured it was a way to take out frustration….but Hmmm…more like nesting actually!

Now, She actually appears to handle her egg with gentleness and care, which is a good sign she will be a good mommy some day. Trust me with a beak that can has a cruching ability of 500 lbs per square inch thats amazing. And Talons which desparately need clipping and are razor sharp.

Now i let her keep the egg last night so she can experience it, but the books say i should remove it right away. So as a test the next morning, when her back was turned i removed the egg , but when she turned back she became frantic, and searched, well i put it outside the cage and when she saw it then she was calm again. I have now transfered her to another cage, and she has started eating her seeds, (a good sign, since she had been hardly eating lately) and hasnt started a screamin fit or anything. Probably cause she knows its in the other cage…… Any breeders out their with suggestions to make this an easy adjustment for her?

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