Price Increase Hurts Us....

Well I have to vent about this issue as it only hurts us the artists/photographers.
When I first started selling cards (for example) my costs were:

10/09/07 $2.25USD (RB base price) so i allowed a mark up 47% so consumers paid $3.50USD per card which I felt was a reasonable cost for artwork on a greeting card.

Now after only 2 months they have increased the cost to $2.85USD (RB base price) which would force me to mark down to 23% in order to retain the same cost to consumers of $3.50USD. I the artist would be taking a loss of 23% now, if I were to maintain that pricing! So the question is this, Who’s really getting hurt here?…ANSWER: WE ARE, not RB, and not the Consumers.

Now i went over all the price changes and with all combined it looks like a difference of only 2.95 increase spread out over all products available (over all changes increased by 34.80, yet a decrease of 37.75 because Mounted Prints took a severe cut on base pricing, BUT that could be because they just dont sell quanties in comparsion to other products. I also excluded Posters as they were not available 2 months ago. But back to the point, Greeting Cards are going to have the most potential in sales revenue for them and us, consumers love art/photography but if they can buy a mini shot of it for the price of a descent greeting card they will. Kinda like that rule: Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

I see this as a huge increase by RB and claiming, “it takes more work to print than they antisipated” is BS, This company has been around for over a year now. They would have no more work than before, other than more customers, nor costs increase except if ink prices went slightly up and even that wouldnt spread out this high. Secondly they knew the minute they printed their first batch, production costs, and work applied to each sale/piece.

Maybe offers like FREE SHIPPING are not really free at all, as this is one way to gain it back and then some.

If prices go up anymore, then I’ll have to exit, the purpose of my selling is to sell, not for gouging my clients. Higher prices mean less sales to us and huge profits only to RB.

Your Thoughts??

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