*Arizona Large Binocular Telescope*

I must say I was quite fascinating with this story i saw on the The Science Channel yesterday, it was all about the LBT (Large Binocular Telescope) if you can check it out, if it interests you as well. I will say this, i have always dreaded not knowing whats coming space wise, and Hubble to me wasnt good enough frankly, but this LBT can tell us and in advance! No fear now once its up and running in full operational mode.

Your average binoculars like: Canon L IS WP (10×42) Binoculars, Yet LBT can see 5000x 8400!!!
Just to give you an idea of how accurate these can see, they say they could put a soccer ball out past our own galaxy, and be able to easily read the manufacturers label!

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As 2008 draws more near and i keep an ear out, AND i’ll update this.

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