I'm Selling T-Shirts now!

Okay so i’m finally giving in and have decided to sell t-shirts here. I have another site where i sell everything but prints and its doing quite well. Since i dont sell alot here as far as prints & cards I thought id try t-shirts for abit and if it doesnt go over well, then its time to move on outta here.

Please let me know what you think!

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Oh i do have some questions:

1) How come we cant do 3200×2400 too?
2) Why doesnt the white t-shirt have a better outline, because some of my works look better on a default of white, but now its not appealing or viewable to customers very well?
3) How come no kids t-shirts?, i have some great ones just for them!
4) Im also told that when it comes to printing you generally want to go a STEP up, what exactly does that mean? 10%, 25%????

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