I Got My Cards Look!

Sorry about the crappy photos Everyone!
Im soo happy with all my cards they look bloody awesome! :o)

They amazing “Wacissa Owl in Sepia Tone” by Troy Spencer
and The gorgeous “Life’s A Boomerang” by Undonchow (Ellen)
Sorry about the crappy photos guys they turned out perfect!


Funky “Uncontrollable” by Me
and a Fantastic image “You Make My Heart Light Up” by Lindsey Carrell I just loove it :o)

Amazingly Trippy “Hypnotic” by DigitalDelights, Loove it!
and The sooo Amazingly Awesome “Jimi” by Anita Inverarity, fantastic fantastic fantasic card!

“He Loved Her Forvever” by Byran Collins Wonderful Amazing Image! i just adore it :o)
and “Secret Forest Dreams-Aquatint Etching” by Belinda “BillyLee” Nye Such a beautiful peacful gorgeous image i just couldnt stop thinking about :o)

Aww i love this! “Chalies Combi” by Jane Whittred Awesome Image :o)
“Love Is In The Air” by Me, such a cute card! Im so proud hehe
and “I See….” By Me pretty cool card to :o)

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