WHAT A SURPRISE !.......and I NEED A FAVOR....(for Brotha)

I was checking through My Groups
(looking at Challenges and to re-fresh guidelines) and read:
Artist: Artist4Peace for
‘’The Green of Spring’’.

….I had to read it 3 times to make sure I really was seeing that,
so Wow,Thank you ,HOSTS Sally Omar and Christopher Birtwistle-Smith !

Then ,tonight,I had another little thrill from Bubble Jeopardy
Artist: Rpnzle posted…
A rainbow on my dog;s belly
answered by artist4peace

Solved! belongs to group:
Bubble Jeopardy
Thank you so much!

Then last,R.B.,but very important… BROTHA, needs your PRAYERS…he has fallen mysteriously ill today.
I am praying for it to pass by morning .Asking for that or something better…

I could not get him to a clinic this evening because we had violent storm weather with electrical outageous all around us and street flooding ,so leaving with my mom (92) or without ,was out of the question….
Thank you and I will let you know how he fairs….
xXx ArtistDalzenia4Peace

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