If you saw a man drowning and you could either save him or photograph the event … what kind of film would you use? – Anonymous

I logged this a couple of weeks ago…..Did my ‘’new love’’ of camera make me callous?

this was’’ funny ’’ to run across this today………… this afternoon I came across a snake that was ether
fighting death OR in pain and die-ing.
I considered killing it to put it out of its misery… but to struggle to live…. is that a reason to kill it ?before it is won or gone on?….and I then was struck by its perfect beauty and RAN to get my camera…………
I told the snake how beautiful he was, prayed for it and thanked it for the photos.

I was just lightly browsing photos on R.B. (the same evening )and this quote ON ANOTHER ARTISTS site just hit close to home………
’cause I wondered if I really did the right thing……..

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