BIG ole' Juicy Bubble...


I work up this morning and checked on mom1st, took the dogs out and then fed the cats.

I turned the computer on and pulled the compost from the kitchen.When I sat down and opened Red B………WHOA! so much has happened in the few hours I slept…SO MANY
NEW COMMUNICATIONS !!!! It"s like CHristmas in JuLY! and now I just am darting all over the place..I am going to HAVE to learn to type!!!
Thank you Thank you til I can get to everyone individually Wait til I post a Photo of Selah.(.prepare to lose your hearts to a little scorpio princess)
LOVE you LOVE you LOVE you
must do paperwork (boo) today
but I will get back to you

Thanks! so many new folks ,favs and bubblemail and contests and accepteds……..I am blessed
what a wonderful new family what a better world I have because of you

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