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Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more...

The Dilemma Of A Spoiled Host...

Being spoiled is all good, unless you are the host of the mesmerizing Inspired Art group at the time of features choice… It really takes time to decide between excellent artworks by true inspired artists !!!
Here is a sample of what we get on a regular (!) week of submissions :

Dare to click on them to admire them LARGER and to leave a few words of appreciation !

Dilemma, indeed, but as it becomes a delicious addiction, I need to be more spoiled ! There are many Inspired Artists out there that did not find us yet (shame on you for not looking, shame on me for not being attractive enough ! lol).
So, please, join us here and be part of your new artistic family !!!

My best, The-Spoiled-Host (Francis).

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