Getting to know me

Art: I trained in Art College in New Zealand, studying Lettering, Illustration and Design, and earned a living working as an artist for a local Newspaper, Advertising Agencies, and as a Display Manager for a chain of fashion stores.

It had taken over half a lifetime of study, exams, vocal performing, an artistic career, marriage and motherhood; now here I was in America, reality was setting in, and I was feeling overcome, depressed fearful and dependent on my husband!

Despite my doubt, my awesome husband believed in me and showed me unconditional love, support and encouragement. Before I could click the heels of my red shoes together 3 times and say “there’s no place like home” I realized hey….this WAS home! I told myself in my best Kiwi/Aussie accent to count my blessings, find my ‘Goddess Self’, live in the creative moment, and re-connect with those things I’d been passionate about.

So armed with some colored pencils, markers, and a borrowed wobbly card table I set up my studio in the bedroom and started creating Birthday and Anniversary cards etc for family and friends. That developed into a family Birthday calendar for Christmas Gifts. I also began to write and illustrate a book for my grandkids about adopting my beautiful black cat Miss Bronte from the Animal Shelter.

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