Sandra Lee Woods

Fowler, United States

Professional Watercolor Artist and Photographer from N.E. Ohio near Lake Erie. I also design and maintain websites for artists...

Thanks to all

I would like to take this time to thank all who have favored my work and featured it and so forth. I would like to explain a little of why I have been so slow in commenting on images the last week. I am having some medical problems. I just found out I have RA and now with some futher testing the Dr wanted to do. I am have an problem with the arteries in my neck left side 90 percent blockage. I am off to get further tests Friday. Hope I get good news here but don’t expect it. I was told it would probably involve surgery . The meds haven’t taken effect yet for the RA and It is very painful to type. So I am just going to make my favs for awhile and no messages. Hope you all will understand. It only takes 1 finger to fave something but both hands to type. Maybe by the time I get the artery taken care of I will also have the meds working on my hands. So if you don’t see any typing from me for awhile or very little I hope you understand. I love all of the folks I have met on RB and will keep checking your work. Will let you know how everything turns out. ((((hugs))) to all.

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