I'm home, tired but I enjoyed the trip! Unfortunately my camera DIED!

I must say that we have the most beautiful country, such diversity and space. We did over 2950 kms in ten days of travelling. The only disaster was the freezing of the shutter in the Pentax…took it to the camera store in Broken Hill to be told it needed to be sent in to be fixed!! I ALMOST CRIED!! My fellow teacher had brought his Nokia camera so I was able to use this from time to time. I also used my N95 phone to take shots. They look pretty good so I will add a couple of the shots to my collection of images. The vastness of the outback is truly amazing I hope to return with a working camera one day! The images in my mind are just beautiful….my memories will be valued. I hope to share some of these with my friends here on Redbubble.
Glad to be home!!

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