To the Exhibit Closing Party

We’re leaving later this morning to the Cities for the closing party, which will be tomorrow night. I write this at the risk of jinxing myself, since I had gotten so sick that I couldn’t go to the opening early this month :-). This time, knock wood, we really are going. So I’ve been unable to do more than load a couple of paintings over the last couple days because I need to stay focused on getting ready to leave, making arrangements for friends to check in on our cat, packing, etc. But I’ll be back checking out everyone’s work and seeing comments on my work on Sunday, when we’ll be back, or Monday.

I don’t think it will hit home that I actually had a painting on exhibit in a gallery for this whole month until I see it with my own eyes :-). I think it will be quite an experience. And I’m really looking forward to seeing the other 17 works and meeting the other artists. As before, I have no idea what to expect, since I’ve never been to a closing party before, either :-). But I know it will be interesting!

Please wish us safe traveling and good luck! Thanks!! And I look forward to catching up with everybody when I get back!

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