from a small wet island to a large dry one

Monday, 13 July 2009, 23:51:09

. . . the redbubble welcome email just arrived in my inbox – the experience of reading the words felt warm, breaking a lonely isolation on the far west of a little island and I found myself wanting to believe that the message was more than a standard cyber generation. I went to Pilgrim’s page and the expression there touched me, strangely; there’s a genuineness? So, I began my redbubble journey today, scratching my head a bit with my current picture formats, wishing for respite from relentlessly long hours in front of the internet . . .. There does appear to be a unique feel about this site, something that gives me hope and that spurs my desire to focus with a lighter note. My partner lived in Australia as a teenager – he transmits a sense of the magic that is that large island – oh for some of the dry, hot, brown arid for a while, instead of this constantly green wet. Well met.

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