Walking about in the rain

It’s been a sublime weekend…full of walking about in the rain Austen protagonist-style and fairly good photography :D. It all started when I spotted a scarlet honeyeater in the geisha girl plant… which is VERY (read= crazily) prolific around our deck.. so the colours were very pretty indeed- vivid greens and scarlet and purple. Anyway, I set out to try and capture some photographs of this very elusive birdy… resulting in some that weren’t too bad in amongst sooo many …others. :D :D but none that I thought were ‘MySpace-worthy’ :P :P :D

But the ones that I took of this morn’ with dew..turned out very VERY nice- I was one happy little muffin.

Unfortunately I couldn’t add the preview here like I’d hoped… but still feel free to visit www.myspace.com/melyanstr.

Back to muffins- I don’t know why I typed that.. except that muffins have a very happy sort of …vibe to them in my mind. :D A happy association. :D :D

Along with sunflowers and cupcakes and sun and and picnics and icecream and singing and meadows full of flowers and grass and…


They’re up in my ‘Þђoтogяαpђιє ② єxтéяїєυr // єxтєrїσr’ album(Linked Text) if you want to take a squiz!! Feel free to comment!


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