Constructive or Destructive?

Having recently read a scathing attack on the lack of constructive criticism here on RB I am retaliating as such.

I do believe that we all have our individual styles of work. We like what we like.

We are all individuals in the world of Art.

If I browse work and I don’t like what I see I don’t comment. If I like it but can offer constructive criticism I tend to BM the artist and offer it that way. Unless, that is, I have been asked to do otherwise.

We do have a “nicely nicely” approach to things on RB I think. Being too afraid to criticise sometimes.

Therefore I propose we do this.

If you are happy to have constructive critique of your work then STATE SO in your description field.

Therefore we can all speak our minds without fear we are going to make someone cry.

I am gonna do this – feel free to comment honestly and I promise to do so also

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