A lot more to learn....for sure

I’ve just been browsing among the images in one of my groups…HDR photography.

I have realised that although I have come a long long long way since I started with photography, I have a lot to learn.

This is a little scary I have to admit but at the same time I am buzzing to be able to see what I can actually LEARN to do myself. Some of the works I have been looking at are absolutely awesome……hands down some of the best I’ve seen for a long time.

Rest assured that I am compiling a mental list of who these Pros are and I plan to make use of their expertise as my skills develop.

I look forward to being able, in a year or two (possible more) to be able to have my work stand alongside the best here on RB.

As a great man once said “If I have seen further it is because I have stood upon the shoulders of giants”

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