Truly Astonished

It may seem a totally stupid and obvious thing to say it i am astonished at the sheer variety of different styles of art currently on RB. I have found myself continuously stumbling upon something new on a daily basis.

Like I say you should expect it but I know I did not really give it much thought until i had started to experience it.

I joined RB to find out truly how good I actually was in reality. This, I though, should have been easy enough to determine by getting a good idea of what other photographers are producing. I was wrong.

If I started comparing my portfolio to for example say that of Mel Brackstone then in my own opinion I am almost definitely the amateur. The one thing i have learned in my time here with RB is that everyone has their own unique style that will appeal to someone. Not everyone but someone.

It may not be the typical everyday style but hey, what is these days?

So my advice is this – no matter what your particular style of art is let RB see it. Let the community give its support or its criticism on your work. In the end it all leads to the same goal. To making us all better artists.

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