What makes a better picture?

While replying to a post on my “Composition” post I had another thought! Yes two in one day.

What makes the better picture…..

1) A scene or shot that you have actually composed on purpose – that you have actually given thought to or planned and set up


2) A shot that was not planned – taken on the spur of the moment or because you just KNOW that this will be a good shot.

Personally I think that the best of my shots have been unplanned, although know that every shot on some level is planned.

I have set up some of my shots – such as when I have shot portrait shots. They have came out just great.

But I do feel that the photo opportunities that just compose themselves when you happen to be there with your camera are the best shots. They look more natural and more life-like.

Its easy to create a shot and take a great picture if you know how. But such a shot you can reproduce easily with the same lighting, pose and model etc.

To me, the true spirit of photography is the pursuit of those one-off shots. Those shots that remain perfectly composed for an instant. That you will never get the chance to capture again.

Shooting “au natural” is the only way to be confident when you say that “Every shot I take is unique”

What do you think?

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