Do you TAG? - Getting your work Out there!

I’ve noticed several times while browsing RB that not everyone utilises the TAG’s very well.

When I joined RB I distinctly remember being told to TAG my work effectively in order for it to be visible in searches. I did not TAG as well as I should have and as a result for a few weeks my work was only viewed by those that had stumbled upon it.

Of course I browsed around other peoples portfolios and commented frequently on their work. This of course gets you a little interest as I’m sure there is a whole “you look at mine and I will look at yours” thing going on here on RB.

But it doesn’t get your work the exposure it should do. Ask yourself – don’t you want everyone possible to be looking at your work?

Then TAG people.

TAG everything. Colours, shapes, objects, moods, style, locations, artist focal lengths, genre etc – the more you tag the more “searchable” your work is.

After correcting all my tags I found a dramatic increase in the number of views my work received. Its worth it believe me.

Mel Brackstone wrote a Tag your Work blog a while back. Take a look and while you do take a browse f her work – notice the TAG’s.

See – even the Pros do it.

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