A whole new ball game

Managed to get out this afternoon with my brand new 70-300mm lens.

Its a whole different ball game using lenses such as this.

Apart from it being much larger and heavier (Which meant I needed a more sturdy tripod) it shakes like hell at 300mm zoom hand-held, as you would expect it to.

I have to remind myself that unless its bright enough outside for shutter speeds faster than 1/250 then its gonna be tough to get nice sharp images without a tripod.

I found myself to be amazed at the viewing angle provided by my little 18-55mm lens.

As soon as I arrived at my location I pulled out the camera and stood twenty feet from my subject only to find that this was about a quarter of the distance I actually needed. Hahahaha

Its going to take some getting used to but its going to be good to have the added flexibility that this lens provides.

One added step to my picture processing with this lens is to check high contrast areas of the photos for purple fringe. It is a common problem with this lens model.

Its no problem though – a quick google and I found a great CS2/CS3 action script to automate the fringe removal. If its gonna be any use to anyone it can be found here


The download link is about 3/4 the way down the page.

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