I wanted to share this tip with you....

Now I discovered a rather useful tip for up-sizing photos for poster printing.

Up until a few months ago any photo scaling I did was left to be resampled by PS. This isn’t a good idea generally.

Now when providing images for use on RB they ask for BIG files so I have been having to upscale some of my shots. Some of the seasoned pros may do this the way I will describe, others may not.

I have found that doing it this way upscales your images massively without any obvious loss in quality. (Thats not to say that there is not any though)

Open your image to be upscaled and open the Image size Dialog box from the Image menu in PS.

Select “Percentage” in the document sizes drop down menus and enter the amount you wish to upscale – I usually use 200%

Then enter 360 pixels/inch as your resolution.

Check the RESAMPLE box and select the BICUBIC SHARPER option (Note this is recommended for down-sampling your images in PS – but just trust me)

Click ok and your image is resampled.

Take a good look at 100% zoom and be amazed at the quality. It really doesn’t lose much in the resampling.

Let me know what you think people :D

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