Where to go from here????

I am slowly creeping in the general direction of my aim of trying to sell my pictures. I have to say that using RB has helped a whole load.

I would guess that a lot of up and coming amateurs would feel the same way that I did a few days ago….. a little self-doubting as to if their work was any good. Thats where sites communities such as RB shine.

They allow friendly people of like-minds give good honest opinions of each others work.

I mean come on…if semi-pro photographers are giving you the thumbs up then thats telling you a thing or two I would say. I think I’m going to have a go selling my work. That is what I need your help for guys and girls.

Any of you have any advice or tips on the best ways to start doing so? Which of my shots in my portfolio should I try to sell?

Any advice or constructive criticsim would be greatly appreciated.

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