After quite a few years away from Redbubble I have made the decision to start up again.

I left Redbubble when I found I had little time to continue the photography that I loved.

Over the following years I continued to take photos for recreation and captured some stunning scenes while I was out fishing. The scenery kept on coming and I eventually started a photo-blog to share some of these images with like-minded people.
I shared these images on Panoramio also and started to get a good number of views.

When a full-sized framed print of one of my shots sold on RB last week I was so very pleased that even those 7 yr old shots were still being appreciated, that I decided the time was right to come and share my back-catalogue with RB.

So I’m back!

Feel free to take a look at my Panoramio page ( or my Blog ( and leave a few comments.

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