Let me introduce myself......

Hi to all you RB’ers who were kind enough to bother reading this.

I thought it was about time to come and introduce myself to the community in the hope of making a few friends and getting some constructive criticism about my portfolio pieces.

I have been taking photos for over a year now. Initially as a way to record those special things you don’t want to forget. I found that I ended up with some cracking photos….which in my opinion wouldn’t look out of place in a frame on someones wall.

This was the point of no return. I wondered if I had uncovered potential in myself. Since then I have progressed from a handheld compact digital camera to a sparkling new DSLR. I have taught myself Photoshop CS2 and CS3 and I know my way around my camera pretty well now.

The problem is I have a folder on my PC with 100+ of my best shots in it. They aren’t much use there though.

Like most of you I want to start to get a bit of recognition for my work. Get some constructive criticism and some tips from the pros. I want to make photography more than a hobby…eventually.

Google popped RB up on a search and I signed up. So far I am very impressed with whats on offer.

I now find myself more motivated than ever to find those top-quality shots.

Feel free to comment away on any of my pieces.

I say again…hello to all on RB – Its an honour to be here.

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