Outlook: Sunny! -or- Dr Pangloss Revisited

I try to look at every chance / Of life in the best light..

Robots Ate My Tricycle

Robots ate my tricycle! / They ate it fast and sore / They’d lost some of their parts, you see, / And found they needed more, / Well……

Idle Notions, Stood In Line -or- Standing in Li…


Troubled Times

…They sit upon facts as if truth defiles…

This Island Earth -or- They Came From Beyond Space

…Like land and legend, trove of buried facts…

Myth Math Moth

Delightful, flightful, fancy-free!

Night Train

“All aboard the night train!”

Found on ground

Lit with joy to think I’d found / Something useful on the ground.


The whisper of forgotten dreams

A Triplet of Tankas from the Edinburgh Churches C…

…toward the brink… Earth’s future hero… shaping us to shape our times.

Renaissance II

Phoenix, Sphinx, Pegasus… futureward!


poetry of a sort, by free association

Marinade (a fish’s tale)

“Don’t feed from the bait on the hooks that are dangled / – there’s plenty of far better food to be had!"

Tamagotchi (#1)

“How do I love thee?..” / Can it really, simply, be - / Press the right buttons?

Tamagotchi (#2)

Lo! From Space they came.. / Preoccupying Earth. Woe! / (Seemed harmless, at first.)

Walking Wounded [a look at public officials’…

The walking wounded tread the halls of power – / On us impinge effects of how they fare. / This is a time when citizens could probe …

Since Rupture [a future cataclysm unfurling]

Who knows? He cannot tell; there is no light / … / The roof-tiles and the window-panes vibrate / … / A whiff of brimstone sends his h…

To See the Sea 1

“Will you too dare to see the Sea?”

To See the Sea 2

…two-thirds water…

War For Whom

The government’s declared a war - / A propaganda coup! / And what is this offensive for? / To coerce me and you!

Larkin’ About

Each child’s prime duty they make clear: / Keep Parents happy! Salve their Fear. / Judgementally they watch and say. / Their kids gle…

The Grievance Procedure

For Management, Grievance is scary

Grievance Procedure – an acrostic

Please accept this as written confirmation of my verbal decision. / Refer any questions to your line manager, who will explain why I am rig…

Meanderrant : Wandering, Squandering, Pondering, …

Oh, lead me again by that long, dark way / To the tree where I used to sail! / Where the wind is as broad as a chequered day, / And the cav…
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