Search For Love And Life Chapter One

Chapter one: All About Love

Love is so magical… when you’re in it! You hear about all these love stories of two people in love but what about the rest of the world, what about those who aren’t so lucky, those of us who the love isn’t returned to? What do they have? Our story is about four people who are in this predicament, for these four love is never returned so gradually the magic fades.

Michael Horngage, Phillip McCrae, Evey Thomas and Amber Edwards though are all unique have one thing in common, unrequited love.

Michael has been in love with a girl named Kirsten Broms for nearly four years, but instead of doing something about it he merely watches her go from boyfriend to boyfriend, hoping that one day she would be his.

Phillip is in love with a woman named Isabelle Judd and has been for two years. One month ago she announced her engagement, to his boss.

Evey, well Evey is one of those girls who has everything even though she doesn’t want it and Evey is also in love. With a man named Chris Fraser who has recently started dating her best friend, Leah.

And Amber, has lots of boys wanting her affection, except the one she wants. His name is David Wilson. Amber has been in love with David for two years but recently he told her that he was in love with her sister, Miranda.

And this is where our story begins. With Michael, Phillip, Evey and Amber and their search for love and life.


“MICHAEL!” Kirsten’s scream echoed through the building as Michael casually walked down the blue carpeted stairs.
“Yes?” He asked impatiently tapping his black leather clad foot.
“How many times do I have to tell you that—” She began flushing as she became more frustrated.
“That I’m your boss and you follow my orders.” Michael laughed. Michael walked back to his office to examine the new case he was working on.

Everytime he saw her he lost the capability to breathe but being her boss meant that she was definitely a no-go. And he had noticed that she had taken an interest in his work partner, Brian and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that, Brian felt the same for her. Michael felt it was better to just let it go, all of his feelings for Kirsten because the pain was unbearable. He sat down at his desk and pulled out the papers from the file. He had just begun to read when he heard footsteps coming towards his office at a rapid pace.

“Mike it’s a big case this afternoon. Are you ready?” Brian asked as he entered Michael’s office hurriedly.
“Yes, I’m ready. Do me a favour mate… ask her out.” Michael replied smiling mischievously at his work partner and best friend.
Brian looked at Michael and said “Who?”
“I’m not daft! I know you‘ve had your eyes on Kirsten for ages” Michael said rolling his eyes.
Brian’s face burned scarlet. “Wh— how did you know?” he stuttered.
“Brian, I’m not an idiot! But I know you won’t do it because you’re too scared.” Michael joked.
“Really? You sure about that?” Brian said walking out of Michael’s office. Michael chuckled to himself, his plan had worked.

Brian returned five minutes later grinning like a Cheshire cat,
“Friday night 7:00 at the pub.” Michael was slightly hurt by this but at the same time was exceedingly happy for the man who is his best friend.
“Well done, mate. You look after her now won’t you?” Michael said and he shook Brian’s hand and smiled.

Phil was in his office and had just finished printing off the script for the film he was currently working on when he heard the click of heeled shoes coming rapidly down the hall, Phil knew immediately who it was.
“Phil. We need that script, NOW!” Isabelle yelled as she hurriedly walked past Phil’s office. Phil sighed. If only she wouldn’t yell at him. It really hurts him, she’s so impatient. But everytime he looks at her his heart bleeds because he loves her but to him love is pain. Phil stood up slowly stretching, picked up the script and walked around to the set.
He walked over to Isabelle,
“Here! And I would rather you wouldn’t yell at me. My ears aren‘t that small, I can hear your normal voice, its all good.” Phil said as he passed the script to Isabelle and clapped her on the shoulder. He went to get a drink taking a can of coke from the fridge and returned to his office to relax. He looked through his computer to find his bass tabs and took out his bass and began to strum softly. He couldn’t go home for another two hours. Two hours passed and Isabelle knocked on his office door.
“It’s a wrap for today you can head home.” She spoke through the door, fortunately in a softer voice. Phil packed away his bass guitar and his laptop. He carried them out to his car put them inside and them got into the driver’s seat. He started the ignition and found his favourite song blasting through his stereo and he began to sing along.

“Jealousy turning saints into the sea, swimming through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis, but—”
Phil’s singing was interrupted by his phone ringing. It was his best friend, Jason. Phil pulled his car over.
“Hey Jas. How’s it going?”
“Yeah good, what about you mate?”
“Same old, same old. You know what it’s like for me to be working with Isabelle.”
“Yeah still yelling at you hey?”
“Yeah unfortunately. Speaking of which, did you ask her?”
“Yeah I did.”
“Tell me what happened mate.”
“Well we were out for dinner last night, everything was going as planned and I took her outside to dance, but you know me and dancing she must’ve suspected, I got down on one knee and said looking in her eyes, “Mel, baby, I love you so much and I know now that it is you I want to spend the rest of my life with… Will you marry me?””
“What did she say?”
“Mate I’m now officially off the market. She said yes!”
“That’s brilliant. You need to teach me a few of your tricks! Anyway mate I’m on my way home I have to get going. If you’re free come round tonight. I’ll be home in about half an hour.”
“Yeah I’ll come around. See ya then.” Jason said as he hung up the phone.

Phil arrived home at 6.30. Getting out the car grabbing his bass and laptop out of the back of the car to take them inside. He walked into his apartment and put his things in the bedroom and went to make himself some dinner. He took a frozen pizza sub out of the freezer and put it in the oven. He went into the living room and put the DVD of National Treasure into his DVD player. He had just begun to play it when the timer for the oven buzzed.

Search For Love And Life Chapter One


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