Arkaik's Sophmore effort to be released in Fall 2012

Metamorphignition’s release ~ late fall! The 2nd CD by my group “Arkaik”: has been recorded and now the art-work is being finalized.

The bands intention on this CD is to create a more mature and rhythmically balanced album that expands on their already fierce musical style has been accomplished. It will be an evolution in which the brutality and technical ferocity will not be lost; it will merely be accompanied by more musical elements which will add depth to the sound.
The music on the album is intertwined with a story with the intention of engaging listeners. It will take them on an abstract journey into the transcendental nature of humanity and the cosmos. They announced earlier that the artwork will be handled by the graphic master Tony Koehl. He is in the process of designing the CD and new T-Shirt art as we communicate. You can be sure too expect a cinematically sonic and thought provoking follow-up album from us! Already titled Metamorphignition ~ It will be an epic CD and will likely be called The Dark Side of the Moon of death metal.

The art on the CD will be turned into T-Shirts and merchandise will be available HERE

After returning from the Torture Tour 2012 with Cannibal Corpse we are getting ready to embark on a bit smaller one. The Insurrection Tour with Severed Savior starts in Northern California on July 7th at Winter’s Tavern in Pacifica, CA… Check our Website for the other shows

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