Another 100 poems

Dark Gales

Slipping softly into bed with me

That Sweet Dark Scent

He was pulled from his thoughts by a hand on his arm, a warm breath across is check, and the familiar touch of lips, on his. His own lips y…

The Betrayal

But there was a soft howl in the wind now, as it sped through the upper branches. A thickening, lyrical howl which teased a tear from her e…

Stripped Naked

I strip off / Shed shirt, jeans, jocks / And run butt naked in the street

Those Pesky Moments

The passing moments / Have an oddness to them

Weapon of Choice

Ghosts unhinge my level head / And drag it / Screeching / Through barren places

There’s This Place…

There a place in her heart / That sticks out its neck

A Special Kind of Love

Why is it you that you want / Him / To sharpen his blades on / To whetten his lips for


Impaling myself

The Dream

“Where is your story?” she asked, searching his face with piercing eyes. / “I don’t know. I stopped dreaming, I lost my way”

This box is life

Our unit moved / Shifted an inch / Shuddering / Compelled out of shape / Encouraging coffee and tobacco stains

Soul Gardening

If I were a soul lost, a soul bound, a partial soul / I may lay my head in it’s lap

I am my truth

I am diluted

The Promises of the Moon

Light, lands feather like / On the secret hairs of my skin / Promising

Last night I stood

…silent under the moon….

Blowing Bubbles

His precious breathing spaces / Expell bubbles / Seeking surfaces

Dead End

Down a dead end alley

Car Crash

He had even tried to catch the damn thing / As if his hand was quick enough / As if he had the power and strength to catch a dropping penny

If Love Pounced

If love landed / If it / Hinted / Would you / Let it?


In the rich dark light / Your hand / Muted in the pre-dawn / And fit from the labour / Draped cheekily across sheets


His words / Stung sweetly / Waiting to kill / Needy and dry reaching / For yet another pill

Trip Wire

I’m really not one for talk

Smoke Screen

And like a smoke screen / Morning waves back / Clocking the moment / Pocketing it

Your Face

Like breadcrumbs / Before the rain

The Xpulsion

The bloodshot bloke on the bus / Eyeballed me / Finding something bad

Her Hat

She wore a pink sun hat / To shade her soft white face

Ode to lovers and the loved

Love glides in….


There’s a plug where the hole used to be / It stops regurgitation

The Girl on the Train

Her heat drew me / Dept of field adjustment and there she was again / Reflected / And my courage kept me watching

Underground Passages

Tomorrow / Simply / Makes me smile

Chalk Love

If we had never said hello / Wet sunday street coffee your place my lips

That small dark hole in the fence

We will easily slip through that small dark hole in the fence

The Mystic Sneak

I first saw you window dressed / In tinsel / Blinging like a cataloged obsession / Waiting / For an early fix

An Extraordinary Life

Flying home / Your life tricked open / My waiting wound / To let the salty ocean in…

The Way

But the surf is pounding / Showering you with the sweet languages of something else / Tending your finger tips with coveted dreams of reali…

His Precious Moment

It’s crazy fucked up / And he loves it / Like the warm beating rush / Of amphetamine on raw membrane / And its sweet howl for more

If I had one day to live

If I was given one year to live / I would breathe with the earth

Karma’s Curse

remain my violated / my aid benefit / my play toy / for those like us / who refuse to deny their / own inevitable / irrelevance

A Definition of Hope

Hope were the pieces that survived / Flourishing


See that bead which pearls and glistens? / That’s the guy with good-time lessons

The Lover and the Loved

There’s something fleshy / Scented / Like smoked stawberries or over ripe mango / Hovering in the shadows / Under a red bulb haze

Rescue Ladders and Purpose Built Stairwells

You are soft Carrara marble, a ship’s star, Damascus, Robin Hood / An angel’s closed eye air brushed kiss

Nothing is Suspected

The screen door bangs / Shutting in flies / Out the front the sugar ants scurry / And nothing…is suspected

The Utter Simplicity of Dawn

Walking home / Jeans dance scuffed / Fluid / A magpie warble reminds the hinting sunrise to sneak / Like a child, quietly avoiding bed-time…


I have my tools of trade / Divining rod, bread crumbs, shield, / Angel / My bed heated heart


To hold your hand / Is like sliding sunlight into my pocket

2 Sensitive and Three in a Row Your Sparkling Eyes

1 Mysteriously divine and 1 sensually beautiful / Divinely beautiful seven


I wandered myself / Thick into that never too deep night / Cloaking myself in the rhythm of an invisible lie


My bones dry reach

I Winked and the Trees they Winked Back

The day the earth stood still / Was drizzled in fine summer sun / The kind that illustrates the sky

Red Sky in the Evening

I clock / Your soft petals / Peeking at the creeping day / Which nuzzles along my pillared verandah


Art comes / In spits and spurts you know / No not the kind your thinking / (gutter tramp!)


Mmmm…perhaps / Our madness strikes like a terrorised cobra / At your propoganda / Unsettling / Like twin tower dust

The Deal

I met a withered desert man / Who asked me for my hardened soul

In the Halls of Princes

Today’s battle / Brave soul / Was torn / curved and viciously clawed / Like a collision course of hate / Across my scarred and defian…

What Makes You Happy

My heart has bloomed a thousand hearts / And those thousand hearts / A thousand hearts / And they all / Make / Me Happy

I Had a Wet Dream


Lover Moon

The knock was quick / But I knew there was more / That was his style / That was his game / And I needed that

Touch Me

Souls in their warrior’s sleep / Find places where men wash wounded men / And welcome hands / Of filtered light / Settle warm on da…

Her Hands

She slips her little finger / Delicately / Around the colours / That swing on the strings of my soul


Spring breezes by as if on a hot date


Sliding over edges always makes me feel sick…now

Outer outer Space

I saw an old women yesterday / She shivered / With recognition / When a rat the size of a dog / Stole a rattle from her pram

Play Me, I Squeak

If you gave a little / And played a little / And offered your mind a little / And fuck it, thought to use your goddamn brain a little / Th…


Your distance is an alcholic / Wet beggar dead end street / Brown paper bag / Teasing amber liquid

The Hand That Bit the Foot

I scratch and fuss / Around bags made of teacup storms / Like a sniffer dog / On inner city heat


Like my last wet dream / Like the final / Sweet / Release


And further / That love / Has me marked / Has me tattooed / And naked / For life


Storms and cliffs bite the rabid lips of bleeding oceans at war

boys who’d be girls, who’d be boys, w…

For every girl who throws out her e-z bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one.

Your Lips

Being an angel’s breath from your cold blue lips / Makes me crave my pound of flesh, / His decapitated, pungent / Sawn off sex

I am not an Animal

I just love the way she stares me down / Like she wants / My blood / Thick / On toast

Coming in to Land

Taffeta nights / Testosterone electric / Waiting / With his dance card / For the rights to the soul of a man

In Transit

The absence of love / Is like a dam / Drained dry / Of car wrecks

Gay Bar 1

Terror shuts men down / Deaf mute





I take You

I honour the taking of salty grains of you / Its dry lake outback crunch, drought barren coastal grit, Sodomite sting

When Love Comes

In the back of his head / A thought wants out / Escape artist crazy / desperate

Gold Leafed Feet

…his thoughts brushed an unexpected idea which seemed at odds, unfathomable…the notion of possibility…

I am a Popularity Contestant

The popularity contestants, bloat, on mined heavy metals, and hot air balloons


Laden as it were with words and worlds and wild wizened wisdom his eyes shot asteroids

Dark Eyed Questions

The Gift / He offered me touch / I took his hands and lips / He desired tenderness / I gave my eyes and mouth / His black pools / Careened…

The Other Day I Fell in Love

The other day I fell in love / Suddenly, surprisingly, spontaneously / The kind of love that gathers critical mass / Seductively becoming f…


Dreaming of you I release an earthquake / Reaching for you I flood the town / Brushing you by I fuel a tornado / And touching your face / …


Don’t I know you? / You brushed me by / Then glanced away / Muted / Don’t you know me? / I feigned a grin / And tripped myself / Laughing…

The Decision

I went down to the corner pokie pub / And drank a beer / In my spot / It reminded me of irreverence / And that time / Before I knew of Alfr…

A poem by Naomi Shihab-Nye

So Much Happiness / It is difficult to know what to do with so much happiness / With sadness there is something to rub against, a wound to …


BREATH / A word / Naked and strong / Brushed in his ear / Like a hold up / Skin on skin / He shook / And held suddenly to his sanity / Wh…


Morning day / Soft light / Earth, water, sky / Pirate ship / Soft sail / In the corner / of his eye / If you blink / You might miss it /…

Straight to the Heart

When men live lives that posture and puff / When men live lives that plunder / When men shoot arrows / To bolster their brawn / Two worlds …

Take me

Take me / For instance / All brawn / No brain / I live / like a child / Blow horn / Unrestrained / If suns / Bleed my temple / Hair shaun…

Tim’s Dreamer

It was the last sticky and compressed / Moisture soaking / Blessed day / Of the journey’s / Final leg / And Tim was horny for home …

The Note

He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand…

Dissappearing Childhood – say goodbye

A big boy / and a small boy / sprawling / play knuckle bones / on the lounge room floor / at tea time / they put the game away / in a soft …


I came to Africa / Pluged into violent crimson fire / Gold dripping amber / Riden upon slashed tears of blood / white amethyst sky / Forged…


Tell me sages old and wrinkly / when the starlight filters silver / and the breeze is soft and light / when the crickets chime with futures…

painting with poetry

Poetry 1. / rabid pointed plan / fingered wild inbreed / cross eyed and blood shot / it twitches and flails / like an allergic child / in a…
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