100 poems

Describing Alex

His red hoody / Was a metaphore for the speared / Healed scars

Our first ever, real life kiss

My thoughts / Move like a first love mockery / All legs, arms / And questionable stains


ifitouchyou / willyoubemine?

I am lost in the detail of your grin

I am lost in the detail of your grin

I Took to the Trees

I took my pain into the trees / It was cool / Night / Moon / And I’d been attracting attention

Falling for an Exraordinary Life

The wild oat ruby in your sun sunk cheeks / Turns azure cloud pink in your legend that’s tomorrow

The shaken worlds we play in

The vase looked sideways, / Turned itself into a facture of light / And slid delicately out the door

Life on the couch…

Life on the couch

We are Love

We are love

A Poet in the Desert

A tangle of fork tongued snakes / Couldn’t do a better job / Than the parched mouth of a poet

Noisy Buggers

With his own mug shot valiantly absent, his eyes became his telescopes, his cornea his aperture, and his vision his mantra.

Self Indulgent Perches

I have created an oddity / A self indulgent perch / That parodies / Rescue

It Took His Time

It took his time / Sucking on moments / Swallowing like hunger / Spitting out the pips

The Undelivered Letter

The undelivered letter / Lay / Like a private breath / In the late afternoon moment

Green Velvet

Green velvet / Is an invisible cloak

The Therapist

He easily, and he knows he can be cruel, / deflects the touch of this new stranger / With almond eyes / And silk heart

The Widening Self

There is a pull tug / That leaves an elm wounded / An oak sore

I have a trick

I have an itch / That takes me for granted

My ears have been a default tongue

My ears have been a default tongue / Smudging you out

Naked and Warm

Naked, I take shelter in a tempest


There is a moment that laughs straight in your face

Apart we pine

Apart we pine


It had been a while / And the blue breeze / Catching her / Hair trailed it, tugging skwards

I touch your body

I touch your body / Teasing your senses apart / Taking you gently / Honestly / Into me

Listen to the Wind

Yet if the journey be less than almost complete / Perhaps a shelter then and there may have been sought / Dug out and covering us unfouled …

You are the plague

You are the plague now / Rancid / And I refuse to share you / With anyone

I am about to fall…

I am about to fall / I look at myself and observe the moment / The signs are all there…

And I tasted…

I met a man / Who took out his soft blue eye / To look at me

You Forget Me

There’s the abandoned joy in knowing / That you will forget me / Just in time

I Forget You

the suitcase was open this morning / just for the memory / your letter / spilled its tumbling self / upon my lap

Its you I want

I want you on toast


I write because I love you

The Bell Bird

A solitary bell bird dipped its beak in sweet sunrise / This morning

Looking at you

Looking at you / I wondered

Wet Taxi at Midnight

Breathe, / Like a refugee / Like a junky / Whore

Many foolish things that can’t wait…

I cast them out / Rebut, spurn, banish, vanquish these things / I challenge, castigate, beat / and pummel their one track minds

Scent of Adam

It was the memory of his love that gently / And so quietly / Teased me apart


I misappropriated your fucking anger

Are any of you people actully real?

I am severed from your fashionable love.

Madness came down

In the tightness of madness…

The Shoot Out

Her glittered nipples / Performed / Roulette

Contemplating the new view…

You told me you were white / I knew it and believed / So when you said you were black / I believed that too

I guess not then…

It was the poke that did it




It’s me they touch


If you place your lips…right here…that’s right

Remembering the Boy

Buried savoury moments on a mud moated dam

Sam and I / Don’t do breakfast in bed

I was going into detail about the differences between geckos adhesiveness to vertical surfaces versus those of the common house fly…a…

Where have you Been?

You say money, or health, dawn verandas or being naked and lost in a forest. But these are never the answers and you know it.

I Love You (v)

The sounds of rainforests hitching courageously on your shoulder

Sam and I / My extraterrestrial lives

Compared to Sam’s delicious spontaneity, my worlds were grains of desert sand in a storm, fractures of light, tea leaves, black holes…

Sam and I / His habit of winking at you for no re…

He prayed to a god he didn’t believe in. His name was Samuel (link to God?). Yes we lived together and yes there was sex but we weren…

I Love You (iv)

You pulled your plug / Melting into my moves / And throwing yourself abandon-like from your dark cinnamon towers

I Love You (iii)

Your T-shirt under my pillow

I Love You (ii)

Like summer rain in my mouth

My First Coat that wasn’t a Hand-me-down

My first coat that wasn’t a hand-me-down used to hang in disgrace in an old cupboard which faced the sea.

I love you (i)

Liquid air….

Moving On

When one of us unexpectantly moves on / With no suitcase / The rest / Are left / With grateful memories / and to simply wonder…

The Woman who Moved

In this heady moment of sitting / Where clarity and confusion merged / There was a woman / Who moved

Love is a Portal

Love is a portal…

Her hair cataches Eucalyptus blossom pollen

There are scents which might slide from books of travelling / Or adventuring / Tender, exciting, brushing silently across her fingered pages

Bite me on the Bum

I’ve come home / To roost / Like foul do / At the collapsed end of the day

Another World

Someone else’s jacket

Deception in four stages

He turned his ring tone to silent / And closed his eyes / Could this finally be the peace / He ordered?

Thinking Out Loud

It hangs like a rag

I Hate This Bit

The world is saber toothed snared / Teasing my indulgent self to leave ajar the door / Just enough / To abscond / From my greying, retirem…

Paper Planes

It was if the final inferno / Was our beauty balm / Taking us both by tender surprise / Like a tea ceremony with a fortune cookie / On the …

Plain Sailing my Friend

The soft wind is gone from his sails, like he’s cast off, an ice flow on ozone, severed, set adrift…and those people eagerly wa…

Till its bleeding crack dries

So he strips himself raw / Shredded and licked by a Maralinga sun / Like his naked skin mattered

The Arrogance of Poets

Clean fresh sheets / Make the arrogance of poets / Melt / Into cool clear whiteness

Love…like Ice in a Summer Heat Wave

Love / Always took me by surprise / Left me melted on the kitchen floor / Like ice on my back in a heat wave

The New Moon

The new moon / Just made a pass at me

Moist and Dry Desert Love

Your loves slides moist / Down the creases of my back / To where I catch it gently / Just before it trickle spills over / And falls

Self-Indulgent Sunday

She wishes she were a simple and fatalistic fish and finds herself deciding to go outside to flop around in the delicately scented sun gard…

Stripped, Bear Chested and Naked

Stripped / Bear chested / Naked

How do I know how to love a woman?

How does she know the sparkles from her eyes make me blush?

The Final Day

Just let go


The time


The time


It always looks like you


I walk quietly in


One day I will visit you

To where it scratch grate hurts

Tomorrow / When he wakes in an aspirin sweat / His fridge will punch out an empty OJ bottle / And shiver for more than it asks for

Valley Grasses

Ahhh / Thats how the valley grasses see

Losing the Courage

Your hair plastered to the side of your face / Is ugly / And tells you to / Shut up and die

Blue jeans and frayed singlets

Spring stretches out Sunday on the streets

Don’t call me….

My boy’s got balls darl’n / Hung like drunk popes / Tossed now at dark shadows / As I silently…watch

Doll Baby

Don’t call me baby

Night Strings

And I didn’t even have a string wound wrapped around their soul

A Reality Check

Behind the pale blue screen

Shoot me Save me.

Prise that bullet from my neck / Nasty piece of work / A master stroke that didn’t kill

To the art of never seeing you again

And as the thudding sun set on the night before’s city of insanity / Binging on that last wine, beer, pill, club…need.

Stare at me!

Love – stare at it

They Just Keep Coming

Please…no really / No need to take off your shoes

All She Could do was Watch

Her hand smelt it / On his skin

She took the Doona with her

Roll over he said

Here’s to you…

Here’s to us / Our grandiosity, our insignificance and our weird strange little ways

Skater Girl

What’s ya name, she called out over her shoulder as she rode off, throwing it out to the wind only half caring if he answered…

To the Absence of Dust

Rolling over / I looked in her eyes / And found a pinch of dust in her corners

The Courage of a Lion

That night / When Satan sat thirsting / Black hole on black hole
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