advice to my borderlin ex/ un-self-centered'ness

Empathy is the ‘capacity’ to share and understand another’s ‘state of mind’ or emotion. It is often characterized as the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes”, or in some way experience the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself. Empathy does not necessarily imply compassion, or empathic concern because this capacity can be present in context of compassionate or cruel behavior.

consider how your words affect people
consider how it feels to the people helping you
to listen to your self hate attitude
admit the problem and admit how it can be solved
evaluate what you expect
and what you want
and what you are disappointed by
recognize twisting anothers words around
into whatever you want to hear it isn’t really as personal as it seems
if you think you are helpless take help without question
get rid of the word can’t unless it has to do with magic powers or large amounts of cash
contemplate that lack of self image is sabotage grown accustomed to
which doesn’t mean that’s whats on anothers mind and they may not view you the way you view yourself
remember since you have conditioned yourself for failure and to repeat the same mechanisms
old habits die hard
record your realizations the quicker the better
since yourself is the enemy that’s who the fight should be aimed at
if you think of mood swings as unique brain chemistry maybe easier on you
remain humble grateful and keep faith
and always think it could be worse
and your only obstacle is internal
also there is no freedom from suffering until one sacrifice self needs
remember your unhappiness stems from basic human unhappiness
just magnified for you if you want advice take it
everybody fronts and pretends and are self conscious even if they say otherwise
keep your mind busy question your emotions why am i
when your mind stops you physically rush out the house
before you accept failure
before trying to succeed
also attempt to get out of the habit of making things all or nothing building them up
beating yourself up
nobody has caused your problems
some have tried to help but can only do so much
if you think people don;t care that is part of your usual behavior which should be recognizable by now
know you’re not the only one
and this maybe your only chance at living even though me saying that may trigger an opposite comment i am not you and have not your brain
even if the world is sad
devote yourself to something beyond you
which welcomes all pain the ones in heaven are so high for making themselves most low
be satisfied by the little things
and be patient
loving yourself is the first and final step
and the past no longer exists and can no longer be clinged to and is void no such thing as always until your mindstate is healed
you will always say always always
if you will it it is no dream
and if nothing goes your way and none of your wishes are granted still
you are not the only one
i can almost guess what you may think of that
accept what you have your whole life
or take responsibility for yourself
good is balanced by bad some times either can be extremer
self love and confidence weather negativity

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