(The voice of a thousand shamans to neutralize…)

You are reduced by your scales
You reduce yourself by your language
Reducing your signal to be able to receive
I could be a shaman in an imaginary world
You tell me what you’ve been learned
And I’ll tell you what I’ve been learned
At the end of our discussion neither of our resources are composed of…
When I spoke of music then I nonverbally also had to shut the fuck up and let…
The source show them in their own way
Any enlightened person wouldn’t dare to proclaim or explain
A dream none of them produced oops
Let me ventilate
Walk on the shade side you gotta come back to the light
Organic technology against technological technology
Your circuits will blow
No one has yet to take out the whole globe
I conspirize we don’t know shit but wondering is fun
Yeah you’ll get tossed into your own dream
I also hope that where I cross to is…


This music is interdimensional
Words have not worked but the sound truth
Speaks right to you
See’s right through
When the spirit of the truth warsh’s yo ass
All those little impurities are gone and passed
And the aftermath
Is a mind sittin a right alight

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