Today I realized I had been procastranating on so many things. LIke I did not know… I did….. yet like some moon struck toad that keeps sitting on the same lilly leaf waiting for the moon to make the first move?
Hah ….. I like it….

Red Bubble has allowed me to marry my thoughts….. my photography, my pen sketches, my somewhat poetic oratory and place them on a format acceptable to all. Yes…. the focus must not shift… for I am here to share what I see not as a talent but a gift. …… and gifts are best appreciated when they are shared in earnest!

Yes – I do look forward to selling my works as well… but this entire concept of transacting on the net baffles me and I am openly cautious about it. The first steps are always the tough ones and I daresay – I think I have taken more than my first here so the rest will always be the best and there lies the test!

Peace to all…..



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