Wrong Side

I don’t much like gerberers. They’re not my favourite flower.

I’ve seen so many beautiful images of gerberer’s and so I thought it would be easy to capture something similar. I visited the local florist and purchased the most perfect red gerberer I could find.

I started shooting the centre of the flower and the petals where they meet the stamen and soon got bored!

One of the things I really like about photography is that you freeze a moment in time and then you get to spend some time just looking, stopping to smell the roses, and hopefully you see something about an object that you never really noticed before. But to get that you need to look at something in a new way. So I turned my gerberer around and started shooting it from the back trying to capture a side of a gerberer that we rarely look at.

Colour stands out. Red really stands out and a red flower stands out beautifully on its own. But what happens when you take away the colour? Have you seen how soft and slender gerberer petals are? Did you know that the skin of the sepals and stem are incredibly hairy?

This image has since become synonymous with what I look for when I take a photograph – “There is beauty all around us if we only take the time to stop and look”. I think it will remain a favourite for a long time.

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