Reptile Tshirts For Girls!

In 2004 I became involved with the pet reptile industry which was new to Western Australia. We were one of the last states to come on board and were behind the rest of Australia, Europe and the US by at least 10 years in experience and breeding.

As well as looking after the animals I was also photographing them for catalogues, websites and advertising. When I photograph I try to find the “essence” of a subject and normally find that when I photograph “up close and personal”. Reptiles are some of the most amazing creatures “up close and personal” as you can see from my designs.

I didn’t really have a uniform so I went looking for “reptile” tshirts for women to wear to work and was sadly disappointed in what I found. So I set out to design a range of images for shirts for all those girls out there that like our cold and scaly friends!

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