Arcadia Tempest

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Feelings and words fall on to the page / Sometimes they bite back / Sometimes they tug on our sleeve / Sometimes they have a cheeky grin...

Scene One

I didn’t notice at first. I was too busy reading and viewing on Red Bubble…..lost in a creative world… felt good.

Then a noise broke through into my world.
I ignored the noise which had now become noises.
It persisted.
I persevered and continued on my journey, a journey with no end but having an end was never the point anyway.

A voice arrested my attention again and I turned and I saw boy child annoying the crap out of the cat on my bed. Thwack, Thwack , thud went the cat’s tail protesting the intrusion upon his well earned cat nap.

“Leave the cat alone”

I re-entered my bubble and continued on where I had last left my mind footprint……food for my soul.

More noise…..

This time the dog grunting that he was also in the room and was in need of some attention. Then he proceeded to try and lift my arm up with his wet nose to stop my right hand mousing technique. Hmmm did the boy child teach the dog to do that?

Geeez…..they were all here.

Voice " When are taking me to school"

Drats….bye bubble

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