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To Host or Not To Host - That is the Question

Have you been tempted to host a group on Redbubble but are hesitant to do so?

My first reaction when I considered hosting was that I wasn’t a good enough photographer to host a group. But, once I realized that hosting a group would actually help me improve my photography skills I decided to give it a try.

If you want to improve your skills whether it be photography, painting, design or any other artistic format consider hosting/cohosting one of the many groups already started on Redbubble.

First, you may want to join the Hosting Tutorial Group and learn more about what is needed to host a group. It is a fun group and extremely helpful in giving you a chance to learn the aspects of hosting and to make an informed decision on whether or not you still are interested in hosting by the time you have completed the class.

While you are taking that class you can be cohosting up to two other groups. So, you can jump in and get your feet wet even before you finish their class, if you wish.

I have collected some groups that would otherwise have been abandoned on Redbubble and, if you think you may be interested in hosting but do not want to commit to a lot of time hosting, let me know. We could work out a cohosting situation where you can do as much or as little as you wish and have fun doing it.

Lastly, you may have seen some negative posts about hosting groups on Redbubble. I would like to state that whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with hosting will depend directly on what you were expecting to get out of it.

Hosting a group will NOT make your artwork sell faster than if you did not host a group. But, it will have some impact on improving your artistic knowledge. It will bring into your life more artistic friends with whom you will have a lot in common. And, it is a good “Additional Interests” to add to your resume showing your future employer that you are not only able to take on responsibility but willing to do so outside of the work place.

B-mail me if you have any questions or just want to discuss the pros and cons of hosting.


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